Outlook to Remind (out2rem) Converter Script v0.0.1

Update: I have fixed some stuff (time format and placement of AT keyword) and have posted v0.0.2 at the link below.

Please find here a short Perl script to dump out your Microsoft Outlook appointments in Remind format.

This should be useful to those of you who, like me, are tracking the whole plaintext / console / CLI resurgence as indicated here among other places.

If you have suggestions, please drop me an email at rlucas at tercent.com, and / or add helpful notes to the 43Folders Wiki.

2 Responses to “Outlook to Remind (out2rem) Converter Script v0.0.1”

  1. gfa says:

    Hey!, i would like to have the script out2rem. it throws and 404 error.


  2. rlucas says:

    GFA – fixed it, sorry.

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