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King County Coroner’s Inquest File Mirror

Sunday, March 26th, 2023

The King County, Washington coroner’s office is mandated to convene a special inquest whenever a police killing occurs. There are documents, all of which are meant to be public, about the process itself (like motions, declarations, stipulations, etc.) and admitted evidence exhibits.

However, the county is doing its very best to keep anyone from seeing the documents by making the only way you can get them to install some arcane Microsoft Azure tool and then navigating through some “blob” options and undiscoverable direct magic links.

This obviously should all just be on the web and on, to boot, so I just mirrored it here: a direct dump of the King County Inquest Program Document Library. This include the concluded inquests, which should not change over time (including the heavily publicly scrutinized Charleena Lyles proceeding) and in-progress inquests which almost certainly will change. I’ll do another snapshot(s) in future.