[SANITY CHECK] Apache 2 hangs with lots of STDERR output from CGI

You are not crazy. It is not an infinite recursion in your logic. Your code doesn't take that long to execute.

you output to STDERR (in Perl, this means Carp or warn or the venerable
print STDERR among others) from a CGI script under Apache 2.0, and you
end up dumping more than approximately 4k (note that if you are using
“warn” or “Carp” you may have extra stuff on there so that you only
output 3k or so but the extras bring it up to 4k), Apache 2 will hang
forever (as of today, 30 March 2004).

See this bug report: http://nagoya.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=22030

There are some patches proposed in the link above on the Apache project bugzilla, but they are not production releases.

case you were wondering,
http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/rlucas/2003/08/26#a13 shows some helpful
hints on how you can back down to version 1.3.

Question to all:
what are folks' recommendations for an Apache 1.3 packaged install? I
would tend to prefer statically linked with SSL and mod_perl, but the
only one I've seen folks using is from n0i.net which isn't entirely
satisfying because I don't speak Romanian.

Update: Using Apachetoolbox
(see Google), you can fairly simply compile apache 1.3 + mod_ssl + mod_perl
+ php and whatever 3rd party modules you like.  This makes for a fine alternative to RPM
versioning hell, or even to traipsing around your src tree typing make.  Be sure that if you do this, you specify
mod_perl 1.29 rather than 1.99, if you compile mod_perl in.

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