INFO: Hawing PS12U Printserver CUPS URI for Linux printing

I have a Hawking Printserver, model number PS12U.  I had already set its IP address using the Windows software (it should be noted that you can ARP the printserver from Linux if need be; google for more info).  However, in order to set it up as a printer on my Linux machine, I needed the appropriate URI to feed to lpadmin.  I tried a number of things like ipp://, etc., but finally gave up and used “printconf.”  The proper URI / URL to use, it appears, for addressing the Hawking PS12U is:




Where the IP address in the middle is naturally the one you've set for the Printserver and the “lp1” to “lp3” corresponds to the physical port on the PS12U to which you've connected the printer.

I didn't say it was groundbreaking or an awesome fix, just info that I hadn't been able easily to find.

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