FIX: GIMP can't open PostScript (PS, EPS, PDF) files under Windows

The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a neat tool for people with needs too casual or cheap for PhotoShop, but too much for various paintbrush type tools.

However, if you install the GIMP under Windows 2000, like me, EPS or PS PostScript files will not open properly, instead barfing with:

Error opening file: C:tempmyfile.eps

PS: Can't interprete file [sic]

You'll need to do the following to make it work:

1. Install GhostScript for Windows.

2. Install the GIMP.

3. Set your environment variables to include:



Typical paths in which to find your GS stuff after a default install might be C:gsgs8.11bingswin32c.exe and C:gsgs8.11lib

(One way to get your environment set in Windows is Start: Settings:Control Panel:System:Advanced:Environment Variables.  In non-NT versions you might need to change AUTOEXEC.BAT to include SET directives)

4. Restart the GIMP and you should be up and running.

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