BUG/WORKAROUND: Class::DBI / Postgres: "Can't delete: Can't bind a reference"

In Class::DBI, there appears to be a problem with the Postgresql driver
and certain kinds of relationships being defined.  It shows up as
a “can't bind a reference” error in the DBIx::Recordset code for

It persists for me with Class::DBI 0.96 and DBIx::Recordset 0.26.

The effect is seen for me when I retrieve a Class::DBI object id # 56
with some has_a relationships defined, and then try immediately 
to delete it.  It bombs out with

Can't delete 56: Can't bind a reference at blah/blah/blah/DBIx:/Recordset blah blah

I can work around this by 1. removing the has_a relationships, or 2.
stringifying the object before deleting it (found this inadvertantly in
writing some debug statements to explore this; very vexing that reading
a property has such a nonorthogonal effect, but I'll hush since I
haven't the time to become a CDBI developer myself).

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