BUG/FIX: Empty "script" tags may cause IE to display nothing

I use Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 (IE6) on Windows 2000 when
I have to (much better to use Mozilla or Opera in my opinion; even some
of the Microsoft guys are now eschewing IE for security reasons). 
I tested a document that passed some pretty strict validation and was
showing up fine in Mozilla, under IE6.  The title appeared, but
the body was blank.  What?!

It turns out that the problem was independent of quirks mode on/off
(google for quirks mode if you don't know).  It was dependent upon
two “<script language='javascript' src='blah' />” tags in the
<head> section.  By changing the <script /> to
<script></script> (explicit closing tags), the body
reappeared OK.

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