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Posts from ‘November, 2010’

Sun Beams, Snow Banks, and Small Businesses

Seattle was inundated yesterday by a steady snowfall during which it was cold, then warmer, then colder again: AKA, a recipe for icy road disaster (at least in a city of 142 square miles with 26 snowplows). Today’s morning news and communications, then, were dominated by transportation-related issues.  “Schools are closed!”  “Courts closed!” “Clinics closed!”  […]

Web.config and App.config file gotchas

If you try to use idiomatic .NET, and you have even modest configurability architecture requirements, you will almost certainly want to use the *.config system (App.config or Web.config). According to old hands at Win32 programming, this is quite a step forward from *.ini files or registry manipulation. Perhaps so. However, the *.config regime is extraordinarily […]

Don’t bother with symlinks in Windows 7

Yes, in theory, Windows has rocketed into the 21st century with symbolic links. However, you can’t make them in Windows 7 unless you’re an Administrator, or unless you manage to give yourself “SeCreateSymbolicLinkPrivilege.” Giving yourself this privilege is possible with Professional/Ultimate versions of Windows, but not Home Premium, via secpol.msc, which just doesn’t exist (and […]

Lopsided Barbell of bank credit

At a fascinating macro talk this morning by a Goldman Sachs strategist, he mentioned a “lopsided barbell” of credit. To the biggest firms with the best ratings — think IBM or MSFT — money is basically free, with coupon yields at sub-2%. But to middle-market (say, $100M – $500M sales) and lower-end of middle market […]