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Posts from ‘October, 2007’

Customer Satisfaction Owners: Read Your "noreply" Messages!

A quick thought: If you have responsibility for customer satisfaction at a company that relies heavily on the Web for customer experience, you should seriously consider making a practice of /reading the emails that come in to your “noreply” spambot addresses/. (Of course, you should /not have/ noreply addresses; it’s so f’ing insulting to your […]

NBC F—ing Gets It; Why Don’t You Other Media Types Dig?

Who here has seen The Office — American version? Yeah, I thought so: it a pretty darn worthwhile download. (Those of you who are puzzled at why I called it a “download” rather than a “TV show” had best get with the picture: “push” style TV is dead to an entire rising generation of attention-greedy, […]

wxPerl on Mac OS X must be run with special binary

If you are having trouble with your “hello world” wxPerl script on Mac OS X, check your shebang (#!) line and make sure you’re running /usr/bin/wxPerl (or which ever wxPerl you have) rather than merely /usr/bin/perl — the normal perl will display the main window but won’t allow interaction between the window and the interface […]